Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I feel SO WELL today ----

R and I were going to go to Vancouver today, to visit his sons at their workplace, but that turned out to be unworkable. Then we thought perhaps we would take our bikes on the ferry to Horseshoe Bay (north end of Vancouver), load them onto the front of an express bus going downtown, and spend a couple of hours cycling in Stanley Park. We received a timely warning that the buses only have room for two bikes on them, so we had better try to be first off the ferry and first in line at the bus --- it all seemed like too much trouble, so instead ---

We drove to Victoria (an hour and a half) - parked the car at the foot of Beacon Hill Park, got on our bikes, rode for an hour along the seaside to Oak Bay, turned around and drove back to the car. Total cycling time: 2 hours, 5 minutes. Then we drove home.

The bike ride was beautiful. We stopped a couple of times to gaze at Mt. Baker gleaming in the distance, to guess where AngelMay's house might be, out there across the water, to talk to a couple of guys about kayaks. There were two truly wicked hills that had us off our bikes and trudging, but I was pleased with the way I handled most of the hills.

At the end of the two hours on my bike, I felt as if I had another hour in me. I probably didn't, probably would have collapsed in a heap after another half hour, but as it was, I quit while I still wanted more (rush hour approaching, and all that).

What a wonderful day.


Javatraveler said...

Next time take a camera - I would love to see the scenery.


Sandra said...

Hmmph. That's exactly what I said - to myself - as I was gazing across the water.