Thursday, August 11, 2005

Busy, busy

Such a busy week. There was the air show in Comox, which was, on the whole, not as good as in previous years, but it was still fun. We took our motorhome, parked in the special lot they had set aside for such as us, and sat on our roof to watch the proceedings. The Snowbirds finished the show in their usual spectacular fashion.
I'm not a fan of anything with an engine, really, but the Snowbirds always bring tears to my eyes.

Then, back to work, trying to fit an hour on my bike in every day - although I missed yesterday. I just told myself that Charlie would approve. ;>)

Today I had the day off, and I spent part of it going from cycle shop to cycle shop, looking for a new bike. I'm becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my mountain bike. I had no idea what I was looking for when I bought it. Now, I'm beginning to understand what kind of riding I'm really going to be doing, what my own physical limitations are and how my choice of bike can help to mitigate those limitations. Of the four bikes I've tried out today, the least expensive one is the one I like best - BONUS! It's $425 Cdn, which is still a fair amount for me to spend, so I'm posting to the Bicycling Fools board at the Motley Fool, asking for advice, before I commit to anything.

Here's the bike I'm considering:

I guess this is the end of my post. R is standing in the doorway, telling me he's ready to go for a bike ride. Carpe diem. Bye.


Javatraveler said...

Yes...I would approve of a day off. Sadly I have had two days off, and I feel grumpy and out of sorts. Tomorrow, back to the gym.


Sandra said...

Slacker. Heh™.


Actually, (((((Charlie))))). Sorry you're out of sorts. Is the weather still ugly in Chicago?

btw, one of the posters at TMF has offered me lots of advice re my bike. I'm glad I didn't just rush out and buy one.

Javatraveler said...

The weather in Chicago is very muggy. we have Air Pollution alerts, so I don't run on those days. I stick to indoor running. I miss being outside though. When I run I like to see the world. Tough to do on a treadmill.