Friday, August 26, 2005

For All My Fans

LOL. I stopped by J&F's house this morning to pick up our rent-a-dog, and F said to me "I haven't seen anything new at Turtle Tracks - are you still stuck out by Newcastle Island?" Little did I know that they were following this narrative. So, lest they fall behind:

I had the day off today. I spent it doing chores and preparing to take the motorhome to Denman Island tomorrow. I took the Buick to Midas to see about having the brake pads done, as I could hear the squealers. I left the car there, asked them to call me with an estimate, and cycled up to Country Club Mall, where I met a friend for tea at Starbucks. Then I cycled on up to Longwood Station and had my hair cut. Just before I left Starbucks I got a call from the shop saying we need $1,200 worth of work on the car. Pffffft. I said we might well just put it away for the winter and think about it in the spring (in Tara).

Anyway, after my haircut I cycled back to Midas, put the bike on the car, and came home for lunch (at about 2:30 pm). My 'day off treat' was to sit and watch "Something the Lord Made". The title had always put me off, but I noticed that it had Alan Rickman in it, so I watched it. What a lovely movie! Nothing makes a day off like a good movie with a nice, soggy ending.

Having now walked the dog, finished packing the motorhome, and had dinner, I'm ready to collapse. I am so looking forward to being out on the island (a smaller island!), cycling and swimming and not working. See you next week!

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