Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another Year

It's another year entirely. I noticed, just before we left for Mexico, that I hadn't posted to this, my original blog, in nearly a year -since Dec. 25, 2007. Never mind, I said, I'll post there on Christmas day, and it will look downright intentional. Then I forgot.

This poor blog. Since I started keeping the two travel journals, I've neglected it terribly. Why don't I blog when I'm not traveling? Do I not have a life, in between journeys? I notice that on our travels, I depend on the journal to remind me of what I've done with my days. Years later, I read an old entry and remember clearly what that day was like - the light, the smells and sounds. My days at home pass in a fog of work and meals and internet obsession, and I don't remember them. That's a lot of my life to let fall on the cutting room floor.

So there it is. All unawares, I've been composing a New Year's Resolution. Never mind that I don't do New Year's Resolutions - recipes for disappointment, I've always felt - this one seems to demand my attention - and my intention. Who am I to demur?