Sunday, August 14, 2005

Making the most of a day off

Now that I'm feeling a little more confident on my bike, I've raised the seat a bit. As a result, I can now stand up and pedal a few strokes from time to time. I think that's considered cheating in orthodox bike circles, but it enabled me to make great time this morning, even on the little hills. I never geared down below 2.4 in the 40 minutes we were out. I left R in the dust. Heh.

After our ride, we went to the Aquatic Centre for a swim, and I took my 45 minute Water Pilates class. I am now officially done in.

R has gone off to work now. He'll be home about 4:30 this afternoon, and then we'll go down to Yellowpoint with the dog. (I hope to have recovered by then.) There's a place called Blue Heron Cove that seems to be a haven for dog people. The last time we were there, there were about 8 dogs on the beach, running free, playing in the water, having a wonderful time. Nobody seemed at all bothered by the dogs. This time, I'm going to wear my swimsuit and have my first salt water swim of the season - before the season is gone.

Meanwhile, there are shrubs to be pruned. Sigh.

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