Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sandra the Intrepid Traveler

First thing yesterday morning I made my groggy way out to the storeroom to pick up my bike and headed out for a ride. I'd been cycling along for about twenty minutes when it occurred to me that I was going to be cycling home from the north end after work, and maybe I should take it easy. So I limited the ride to half an hour, got ready for work, and put cycling out of my mind until after 7 pm, when I had finished working. I stopped at Starbucks, got a bottle of water and a ginger-molasses cookie (supper), changed into my heart-stopping cycling clothes in the washroom, then picked my bike up and transported it a little farther north to where the car lives.

I left there on the bike at 8:10 pm, and arrived home at 9:20 pm. The trip home is slightly more downhillish than the trip I did the other morning, so it didn't take the hour and a half I expected, which was good. I was a little concerned about the light situation. My bike has no lights, and the day was rapidly turning to night - just as I got to the part of town that makes me a little edgy. Everything worked out fine, though. R was standing in the driveway when I got home, also a little concerned, I guess.

I expected to be dead on my feet, but I actually felt quite well after the ride, and it was 12:30 am when I finally did collapse into bed. At 6:00 am I woke up coughing - probably inhaled a bug on the bike ride ;>), so today I did feel a litle weary - but R and I went for a 50 minute ride this morning. It wasn't until I was working that the weariness set in. Hmmmm. Maybe I'd just rather be cycling.

Now it's time to really get some rest, because we're off to Comox tomorrow morning for the air show.

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