Sunday, July 31, 2005

Strange Day

I had the strangest day today. R's sons came over for a visit, and we all went up to Parksville to spend the day at the beach. When we got there, we discovered that there was a car show going on at the beach we had intended to visit, so we backtracked to Rathtrevor Park and went for a walk on that beach. Then R and one of the sons went for a bike ride (on R's bike and mine) while the other son and I read and relaxed. After lunch, both sons went for a bike ride while R and I did the dishes and got ready to drive back to the ferry. All told, everybody got to go for a bike ride but me. By the time we came home it was too hot to go riding, and by the time I finished shopping for and cooking and eating and cleaning up after dinner, I had lost interest. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another day. I don't start work until 10:15AM, so there will be lots of time for an early morning ride. We did have a good visit, and I don't suppose the world will end just because I skip exercising.

Besides, I just noticed that I didn't finish bragging about yesterday's cycling. R and I did go out in the evening. He led the way, and we rode another - approximately - 14-15 km, so I'm officially calling it a 25 km day, including my morning ride. Not too shabby.

p.s. This is my new hairstyle - actually, back to my old hairstyle - much more suited to an active life than having long hair was.

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Javatraveler said...

I like the "new" look. Very becoming. Also, it is ok to take a day off from exercise. Your body will thank you for it.