Thursday, July 21, 2005

All Grown Up

When I picked up my mail today. I saw that an old friend in Ontario had sent me a page from the local paper in which a young (36) woman named C was profiled. The article included photos. My first reaction was shock.

I met C when she was three. My daughter and she were toddlers together. I must have seen C when she was a teenager, but somehow I remember her as about an 8 year old. I haven't seen any of the family members for about twenty years, so of course they've all been frozen in time, still young - even though I've grown old.

Now I read that C has had a hard life, but she's a fighter, and things seem to be coming together for her. Great news. I also read that her brother owns his own restaurant. Oops. Shock #2. I remember when he was born. He owns his own restaurant?

I'm still shaking my head. When I finish gaping at the article, I'll forward it to my daughter. I can hear her reaction now!

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Javatraveler said...

Ah yes....the reality that people grow older. Every time I'm in Florida, I run into the "kids" I used to babysit for. Now they have kids.