Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm making progress

At least I think I am. Two days ago, I got my bike out, set my cell phone alarm for 30 minutes hence, and started cycling toward the Aquatic Centre. I actually got a few blocks farther before the alarm went off. I then cycled home, and to my surprise the return trip also took 30 minutes (I had expected that because it was mostly downhill, it would be quicker).

Last night R and I cycled to the supermarket to get fixings for dinner. We were gone about one hour and ten minutes, and only about ten minutes of that was spent inside the supermarket. I enjoyed the trip, and didn't even feel particularly tired afterward.

This morning I made the Aquatic Centre trip again, but this time I got another several blocks along before the alarm sounded, and the return trip took me only 17 minutes. I think I'm developing some muscles in my legs!

Tomorrow morning I'll do it again (before the heat sets in!) and try to get even farther along in my 30 minute window.

Have I mentioned how glad I am to have bought my bike?

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