Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Turtle's Journey

<------- This is the Turtle. The photo was taken in Victoria, when we were on our way to the Olympic Peninsula some months ago. That was before we bought our bicycles, and the rack for carrying them on the Turtle's back. We evolve.

I've just come back from my walk -combining a trip to feed my absent friend's cat* with a 15-minute walk uphill to her house and a 15-minute walk downhill, bloody and annoyed, to get home. Reading Charlie's posts about his fitness programme has got me thinking very seriously about my lifestyle. I drive all day - usually four days a week, of late - and on the days when I work, I get virtually no exercise. I'm 58 years old. If I don't take care of myself, I may die in the saddle, as it were - and that prospect has no appeal for me.

So here I am, jumping on the blogwagon with Charlie. ( )

*( I have a hard time judging her patience level. When she's finished wanting to be petted, she draws blood. The petting window is anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Other than that, we get along fine.)