Sunday, July 24, 2005


We finally have summer, and I'm loving it. It's not too hot - just blue-sky-puffy-cloud-sunshiny warm. Yesterday we drove the Turtle up to Parksville (about 40 minutes north of Nanaimo), parked at the beach, and spent the day cycling, lying on a blanket in the sun, reading, chatting with passersby, and generally appreciating the day. Today R had to work, so I cycled to the pool, did a water pilates class, and cycled home. I figured that if Lance Armstrong could win seven Tours de France, the least I could do was ride my bike for a few minutes.

The only negative part of the morning was the presence at the class of a woman who made me feel as if I'd been spirited back to fifth grade. She complained loudly about everything, especially about the use of the word "pilates" to describe the class, which she said did not conform to the True.Pilates.Rules. She insisted on instructing the instructor in the Correct Procedure. Afterwards, one of the other women asked me whether I had any problem with the way the class was run. I assured her that I loved it, just the way it was, and I made a point of leaving a note to that effect at the front desk. One of the other women in the dressing room apparently knows the complainer, and said she'll probably make a great fuss and try to have the class stopped (or insist that the name be changed). Some people shouldn't be allowed out in public. I think that if she'd said one more word, all we little old ladies would have ganged up and drowned her.

When R came home, we took the dog south of town to another beachside park. We spent a little while there, enjoying the cool ocean breeze; then R rode away on his bicycle. The dog and I followed, and when R had had enough cycling, we picked him up and came home. I have to work tomorrow, but I have Tuesday off. I hope this weather holds! Even tomorrow, I don't start work until 10:15am, so I have time to get in a little cycling first thing in the morning.

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