Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just Call Me 820

That was my number in this morning's CIBC Run for the Cure (5K).

I didn't run, of course - but I walked it in 45 minutes. I would probably have done it a bit more quickly, but I assumed I'd be at the slow end of the scale so I started near the back, only to find myself behind a sea of real slowpokes. I spent the first km dodging around people (and dogs and strollers) to get to my comfort zone. I'll know better next week in Victoria. Mind you, the Victoria race is actually a race, so there probably won't be so many lollygaggers.

I was a little worried about my back, after the mess I made of it in England, (see Turtle Afloat)but the walking actually seems to help. I had fun. I have to work 5 days now, and then I have the weekend off. I think I'll try to go down to Victoria on Saturday morning, collect my race kit, spend the night either in the RV or at a friend's place, and be there in town for the race. Otherwise, I'll have to leave home incredibly early on Sunday to be there for the race.

Given the difficulty I had walking 12 k a couple of months ago, I think I'll stick with my 8k registration. There will be time for 1/2 marathons later, I hope.

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Javatraveler said...

Sandra - There will always be time for half-marathons. Sorry I have not posted in a while. You have my support in your endeavors!